That word alone can mean so much to someone like me. Most people who have been thru any kind of trauma in their life knows just how fast you can fill with anxiety over just one word.


Most people will relive their history of trauma over and over and let it truly define why they are the way they are. Not me. I have reached a point in my life where I no longer want it to define me as a woman, mother or spouse. It can be so difficult to truly detach yourself from past trauma. If you let it, it will devour you and spit you right back into the chaos only to be chewed up and spit back out over and over. This unending cycle will continue until you decide enough is enough!

My trauma started young and lasted well into my adulthood. Abusive parents, unstable home, lies and secrets the list didn't end. I got pregnant young and swore I was in love with my cheating high school sweetheart. Before I was 30 I had 5 kids, bad credit and moved numerous times. I hit every possible version of depression you could prolly think of and genuinely loathed myself as a person and mother. Outside of my kids dad the longest relationship I had was 3 years with an abusive manipulative a hole who swore he loved me more than weed and gaming combined.

This intro to my blog isn’t meant to bring sadness or sympathy but more so an intro into what gave me strength and determination. This unpredictable path thru things my life threw at me I’d never want to experience again nor would I ever drag my kids thru again. Yet it helped me grow in more ways than I could ever even have dreamed of. I became a woman I could look at in the mirror again!

This blog will be my home away from home and my journal to remind me and even others that the strength and determination of any mother no matter their situation can conquer literally anything!


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